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4 Side Gigs That Can Make You Quick Money Without Affecting Your Main Job!

Today there is plenty of opportunity to make extra money. Whether it’s food delivery or making money online the opportunities are unlimited. Because some of these opportunities takes a little time to develop we have found 4 side jobs that you could make money today from.

1. Become an Uber/Partner Driver

There is a good chance you have ridden in an Uber or you know someone who has taken an Uber. If you have I know you have atleast heard about Uber if you haven’t heard if you have a vehicle that meets Uber specifications and you have a drivers license you have the potential to make some great extra cash. You’re already driving around anyway and you get to choose the people you pickup so why not make some extra cash since you’re already going to that area.

You have to be at least 21 years old of course have a cell phone it’s all done by app. Your fare is based off time and distance. You get paid a higher rate during more busy hours and you can get paid weekly by direct deposit or have money transferred to a debit card.

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2. Uber Eats Food Delivery

Remember the days when there were only 2 ways to get your food delivered? You order from a local Chinese restaurant or your local pizza place. But Uber Eats has changed the dynamics of food delivery now you can get food delivered to your doorstep from almost any restaurant. Uber makes it very easy to order food and have it delivered. All that is needed is the Uber Eats app which allow the consumer to order from their favorite restaurant through the app and the Uber Eats driver can accept the order for pick up and delivery.

Uber eats has several ways you could deliver food. You can deliver by Car(requirements), Scooter(requirements), or Bike(requirements). You can choose the hours you want to work part time or full time it’s up to you.

Earning Potential: Based on the wages reported by the job site indeed the average hourly rate is $15.57.

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3. Become a Lyft Driver

Lyft is based from the Uber model. You can make your own schedules and you determine which customers you will accept or decline based off their rating as a customer. Fares are based on time and distance.

Drivers are paid on a weekly basis by direct deposit, or get paid through Lyft’s Express Pay service.

To qualify to be a driver you have to be at-least 21 years old and undergo a Department of Motor Vehicles check and a background check.

Earning potential: Lyft $29.47 per hour national average. Some of its drivers make about $800 by only working on Friday nights and weekends.

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4. Door Dash Food Delivery Driver

DoorDash is a similar app-based food delivery service which allows drivers to be their own bosses by being “dashers” for the company. It follows the same model as Uber Eats, allowing you to make your own schedule and pick the type of transportation you want to use.

You can choose to be a dasher for just a few hours a week, or make it a full-time job. In addition to cash earned from deliveries, you can also become eligible for incentives and make more by delivering during peak hours.

Earning potential: Based on 188 reports, job site Indeed has the average salary for DoorDash at $17.74 per hour.

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