August 31, 2019


There are times in our lives when we ask what did I do wrong to deserve the financial stress that has come before me. In 2007 I had a 2 income home with my wife and 2 kids we were getting a house built living the American dream. We closed on the house in 2008 and everything was great right? Well I wish it was but my wife was diagnosed with liver cancer. No matter how much you prepare financially that disease destroys your finances to the point where you have to use credit cards for everything. Buy the time the smoke clears you have a mountain of debt your credit has been damaged and the mortgage is due.

At this point you have no idea what to do your just trying to hold on. But you think about a consolidation loan but your credit took a significant dive over the pass few years of dealing with a terminal illness. To get that loan I would need to improve my credit scores.

This is a situation that many families in America goes through maybe yours is not a terminal illness in the family but some other financial difficulties that have occurred.

One day I was browsing the internet to try and find a solution and I came across Credit Sesame which allows you to monitor your credit history and shows you how to improve your credit. The credit burrows allows everyone to receive at least once a year a free credit report but most people does not know or does not feel the need to keep track of their credit history.

I needed help with my situation so I signed up with Credit Sesame I got my free credit profiles and recommendations from Credit Sesame on what to do to improve my score. I saw what was causing my scores to suffer and what I was doing to make it worse. It took me about 12 months to improve my score 150 points and receive a consolidation loan refinanced my mortgage saved me $400 per month 25% cheaper from a mortgage company recommended by Credit Sesame.

That allowed me to increase payments and decrease my debt at a much faster rate.

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