Coffee is health food: Myth or fact?

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This study suggests that coffee drinkers that drink 4 cups of coffee a day or more has a 64% lower risk of dying early than those who never drink or drinks little to no coffee at all.

The study was done in the Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra (SUN) Project in more than 22,500 Spanish University graduates started in 1999.  During the 10 years the study took place 337 participants died.

Diseases like type 2 diabetes, liver disease, Alzheimer’s, colorectal cancer and skin cancer.  Coffee drinkers risks of these diseases are reduced significantly.  The findings are congruent with the findings of a larger study that shows coffee drinkers live longer.  This study was conducted with over 3 million people.

So is coffee health food well of course you can’t live of coffee but it is a significant aid in prolonging your life and helping to possibly protect you against many diseases.