August 31, 2019

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Can starting an online business be more difficult? The massive amount of information on the internet about Funnels, Blogs and websites confuses many of us before we start.

Understanding the concept of each are important when setting up the structure of an online business.

Typically websites are static in nature and are organized as pages.  They are typically not updated frequently as it's primary purpose is to provide information for an offline business brick and mortar. 

A blog is a type of website which is updated more frequently in the form of posts.  This allows an individual or a group of people to provide a platform to be able to provide information to their following or customers online. 

A Funnel is a little more complex than a website and blog.  The primary focus of a funnel is to sale products and services.  In short a funnel allows you to take a customer down a predetermine path which changes depending on the customers input to sell them a product or service.  There are different types of funnels for different purposes.

But What Do I Need For My Online Business?

Do You have Your own Product or Service?  If so a funnel gives you the flexibility to sell those products and services in controlled step-by-step sales process to where the customer will not get lost. 

Even if they leave it allows you the opportunity to follow up with that customer without even making a call and that's an incredible business model if you have a product or service.

There are a few services out there that provides a platform with all the templates of the different types of funnels that can be created it's call Click Funnels by Russell Brunson.  Now this system is fantastic but if your just starting out and your not sure about funnels because you want to be an affiliate Marketer you may feel just being that you need only a wordpress blog which should be a manged wordpress blog is a great choice.  

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