September 11, 2019

Is your credit card company charging you high rates?  Why pay those rates when there are companies that are waiting to provide you a better choice.   Pick A Lender (PAL) is a company that has partnered with multiple Lending companies to find you the best rates by tomorrow. 

Here is how you save with PAL fill out the form and let them do the work for you and pair you up with the right company to pay off your card lower your rate and have no card payment for this month.

Julie has over $10000 in credit card debt.  It seemed to her that she would never pay the debt off just by making minimum payments. 

Her interest rates were 19.5% and if she didn’t do something she was going to end up paying $15000 in interest on this debt for the next 25 years on a $10000 debt.

Julie decided to look for help that saved her about $13000 dollars in interest fees by taking out a personal loan to pay off her debt which had only a 4.5% interest rate.

By refinancing she paid off her debt and it only cost her $1500 in interest vs $13,000.

Afraid you want qualify it’s free to check here only takes 2 minutes.

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