Hidden Dangers of Processed Foods


The wonderful world of food and the takeover of processed food.  With the thirst of western society to make everything easier has created many issues that has taken on a life of its own and the biggest problem is processed food.  Processed food leads to health problems that are taking over our society such as diabetes and heart disease are 2 of the biggest problems that are increasing at an enormous rate.

Cardiovascular diseases account for more than 30 percent of all deaths in the United States. For 22 years, thanks to significant advances in treatment and prevention, the rate of death from these diseases has steadily declined. Recent data shows that this downward trend has slowed, and, in fact, increased by 53,000 since 2011.    [National Forum For Preventing Heart Disease and Stroke]

The millennial’s have been raised on processed foods such a bacon, granola bars (I know every thinks granola bars are healthy but they are packed with sugar and high simple-carbohydrate content and great marketing to make you believe they are healthy), Instant Ramen (College students we know this is your go to food but here is a warning this has 2,000mg of sodium and almost no nutritional value.  YOU CAN NOT LIVE OFF OF RAMEN!), Frozen Dinners, Margarine, Ketchup,  Microwave Popcorn and many of your sandwich meats are contributing to the health issues we experience today.

I know what your thinking if we don’t eat any of those things well what WTH can we eat?  I know you have heard the term you can it these things in moderation but if you want to stay as health as possible do not make processed foods a majority of your diet.  There are other things you have to contend with just going to the store and buying GMO and none GMO products but that’s another topic all together but eating vegetables and most of all cooking your own food is very important,  not heating up food but actually taking the time to cook your meal.

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