October 2, 2019


Today more than ever we are interconnected between all of our devices and we leave ourselves vulnerable to data theft.  Are you afraid of losing your personal data?

Mobile Security now is more important than ever.  Mobile attacks such as app attacks, malware attacks, and attacks that happen through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are real threats that can destroy your finances, steal your photos, erase files and hijack your camera.

Do you know the information that your apps are collecting?  Do you understand how the apps are using your information? Take these 3 steps to start protecting your mobile devices:

Step 1

Before You Install App Read The App’s Permission List

Make sure you know what part of your device the app wants to access before you download.  Always check the privacy policy to make sure you know what information the app wants to collect and what they plan to do with that information.

Step 2

Ask Yourself Is It Necessary To Allow The App Access

Once you no what the apps permission list request determine if what the permission is reasonable for the apps purpose.  For example does a game app need to access the contact list?  If so, why?  

Step 3

Check Current Apps

Check all your apps and review their permission requests or settings.  In order to see the permissions on Android after it’s installed:

  • Go to Google Play
  • Press Menu —->Downloads
  • Select the app you want to check permissions
  • Press Menu again
  • Then press Security
  • Check The Permissions

Mobile Security is not only for one device but all mobile devices that are used in your home.

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