New Home Security Artificial Intelligence Prevents Crime?

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I remember my first home, I was happy and excited and at the same time I was thinking finally a place I could call my own.  It was in a great neighborhood, safe and I had good neighbors.  I moved in to my home and yes I had a home security system installed along with cameras where I could see at all times what was going on at my home, well at least at the time I thought it was a great idea to protect my home 🙁 .

I had my cellphone setup to view my home at anytime during the day when I was on travel or at work great right it made me feel I was protecting my home.  But what I didn’t understand was how do you execute the actual protection of your home when you’re not there, what exactly do I do if I saw someone coming to my home trying to break in or steal a package from my front porch.

Well that is exactly what happened someone came to my front porch and took a package.  while I was looking but I couldn’t say anything to them to scare them away or call the police in time for them to be caught.  And once I called 911 answering questions about where I am and if I am not at home how do I know someone is there it was just a big headache and I realized my home wasn’t as secure as I thought.

Then I started thinking about my security system it only works after someone has broken in to your home it doesn’t help to prevent it.  So I am paying for a monthly service to monitor my home after it has been broken into.  I don’t know if you have ever had your home broken into but the feeling that someone has been into your home without your  permission makes you feel violated even after they have gone especially if the police has not caught them.

I looked around to see what I could find to help prevent break ins before they happen and scare would be robbers away before anything was stolen. I found this great solution it was my own personal security guard for my home.  It cost me about the same amount as my home security service but it actually felt like home security because it prevents the theft before there is a theft or break in.

Real human guards watching your cameras real-time 24 hours a day with Artificial Intelligent cameras and audio interaction. 






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