October 2, 2019


When home security systems were introduced they made a big impact, but they were expensive to own.  Today home security technology has become more affordable to home owners. 

Over 3 million US households will have a self-monitored security system in 2021.  And 25% of US broadband households plan to purchase a video camera doorbell within the next year.

Many new smart homes today are prewired and built with security system options.  And that has driven a large portion of the home security system market.

The big problem has been that the majority of home security systems has lacked innovation to drive pre existing home security sells until now.  

Because of the advanced growth in Artificial Intelligence and processor speed there has been new developments and concepts in the home security industry. 

Most home security companies react meaning yes there are cameras recording, or sensors on doors and windows that's great but you only get to look at these things after the damage or theft has occurred.  

Now with AI that has changed the dynamics.  What if there is an interaction before the damage or theft to actually prevent it from happening?

There has been one company that has paired Artificial Intelligent with Human Intervention to prevent security issues 24/7. 

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